USN Protein  To help with your development when weight training, the body requires 1.5g of protein per 1lb body weight. i.e. a person weighing 168lb (12st) requires 252g of protein a day. The biggest problem when you’re not reaching you’re goals, as far as diet is concerned, is lack of PROTEIN! If you dont get enough protein in your diet, then your body breaks down its own muscle (your own source of protein) so it can be converted into energy. Regular exercise increases your need for protein. Failing to get enough protein on a daily basis dramatically reduces your ability to develop muscle, recover fully from training or maintain muscle while dieting.

USN Creatine is a widely used supplement taken by athletes for its performance enhancing effects. When taken as a supplement creatine can help to increase muscle size, strength, power and energy levels.

Glutamine. Scitec L-Glutamine is a vital amino acid that is required by every muscle in the body, and is one of the most important protein building blocks that maintain cellular health throughout the body. L-Glutamine also plays an important role in healthy nerve function through the central nervous system including the brain therefore supports concentration and mental performance under conditions of mental or physical exertion.