MASS Building Diet

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 Breakfast: 2 pieces of fresh fruit or small glass of unsweetened fruit juice. Large bowl of porridge (sweeten with honey).  USN Muscle Fuel.

Mid am: USN Muscle Fuel.

Lunch: 4 slices granary bread sandwhich with low fat filling eg; cottage cheese, chicken, tuna and salad. Choose either: baked beans, sardines, poached egg, or egg white omlette on toast. Choose either: chicken, turkey, fish, wholemeal bread and veg or egg whites on either rice, pasta or potatoe.

Mid pm: USN Muscle Fuel. Two pieces of fresh fuit.

Main meal: Choose either: medium serving of lean meat chicken breast x2, x2 turkey steaks, steak grilled, dry fish or an egg white omlette with large serving of veg or salad. Choose either: boiled new potatoes, jacket potatoe, basmati rice, pasta, yam or boiled plantain.

Before bed: USN Pure Protein.

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